UEFA insists on sanctions for Chelsea, Arsenal and others

Spanish judge Manuel Ruiz de Lara tried to order UEFA to abandon their disciplinary actions against the 12 clubs who attempted to form the European Super League

A Spanish judge has had an order for all punishments against the 12 European Super League clubs to be dropped rejected by UEFA.

Manuel Ruiz de Lara, who rules in a commercial court in his nation’s capital of Madrid, made an order on July 30 that demanded UEFA declare on their website that all penalties – both financial and sporting – against the clubs be dropped with immediate effect.

The decision prompted a joint statement from the three clubs hopeful of a European Super League revival – Juventus, Barcelona and Real Madrid – which read: “FC Barcelona, Juventus, and Real Madrid CF welcome today’s Court’s decision enforcing, with immediate effect, UEFA’s obligation to unwind the actions taken against all European Super League founding clubs, including terminating the disciplinary proceedings against the undersigning three clubs and removing the penalties and restrictions imposed on the remaining nine founding clubs for them to avoid UEFA’s disciplinary action.


“The Court backs the request made by the promoters of the European Super League, dismisses UEFA’s appeal, and confirms its warning to UEFA that failure to comply with its ruling shall result in fines and potential criminal liability.

“The case will be assessed by the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg, which shall review UEFA’s monopolistic position over European football.”

Arsenal, Tottenham and Chelsea were among the 12 clubs who made a deal with UEFA which saw them agree to a £13million contribution to youth and grassroots football, and surrender 5% of all UEFA competition revenue for one season.Still, as per the Mirror, UEFA has rejected the appeal and are believed to not be too concerned about a potential revamp of the competition, and they appear unlikely to abide by the ruling because they’re confident that their actions will be justified by the European court.

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