I’m not leaving Chelsea now, star player reveals after UCL win, despite many offers away

Chelsea may be requested to shift a group of players out of West London as the club’s future with the present manager is restructured. This summer, Tammy Abraham is set to push for a departure from Stamford Bridge. Despite being the club’s top scorer in all competitions this season, his future remains unknown, as he has begun to garner interest from other Premier League clubs.Tammy Abraham only made a few appearances last summer as a result of new former manager additions, especially after Tuchel took over as the club’s new boss. Abraham has been approached to discuss his future plans, but he is unsure about leaving West London. Despite playing in only a few games, he feels confident in his decision to stay at Stamford Bridge.

His goal is to stay in the club and win trophies in order to make his career a success. “I’m not thinking about leaving now,” he said, “because I’m confident that Chelsea is the best club for me.” Despite being the club’s all-time leading scorer, Tammy Abraham has failed to persuade Tuchel that he is the best striker presently.

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