Erling Haaland has already predicted his coming to play for Chelsea

History has once again repeated itself with The Blues firing Lampard and Tuchel coming in to win the most coveted trophy in club football “The Champions League” like Di Mateo did when he took over from AVB.

One may ask at this point why I’m welcoming Haaland to the champs. Hazard said in 2012 he is moving to the club who wins the champions league that year and the future Blue’s legend stood to his word and moved to Chelsea. Haaland said the same a couple of months ago that he is only moving to the club who wins the champion league. We THE BLUES ARE THE CHAMPIONs of Europe this year. So welcome home Haaland.

I don’t know what is going through Haaland’s head right now but if I were him, I will choose Chelsea over the rest. I know every player fancy playing for Real Madrid or Barcelona.

Chelsea won the champion league title this year with misfiring strikers. Imagine him getting all the glorious chances Timo and the rest of our forwards missed this year.  Timo squandered 3 or 4 sitters in the finals on Saturday alone. Plus, he will have all the services he is lacking at Dortmund in Mount, Kai, Werner, Pulisic, Ziyech etc. Don’t forget all the goals he will be scoring from the beautiful crosses from Azpi, Chilwell, James and Alonso.  If Haaland wants to write his own history, there’s no better club to do it than Chelsea. This is because we have a very young and talented team. These young lads are only getting started.  They are improving game after game. Also, we have one of the best coaches in the game right now.

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