FA Cup Final: Good news to Chelsea ahead of Leicester City’s match

Chelsea fans are waiting to see how their darling team will lift the FA Cup trophy on Saturday ahead of Leicester City.

Chelsea have been outstanding ever since tuchel arrived despite losing yesterday derby game aganist arsenal. Chelsea controlled the game and missed alot of chances though luck which is normally in football was not on thier side but rather to the opponents. The blues were however very aggressive and threat but at the end of the day arsenal were the conquerers.

The blues took it positively and the manager has promised to learn and rectify on that before the two of big matches ahead of them which involves champions league and FA cup finals. Chelsea players too accepted on thier mistakes of not taking thier chances which were very key.

However from the camp good news are being given as key players finally he will be back aganist Leicester city on Saturday. Leicester should not be underrated as they defeated manchester united by two goals to one in Old Trafford where very less teams have done it and came out with three points. The return of kovacic will bring back the lost morale among the team and hence he will play the role of Jorgihno while kante remaining his original position.

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