March 23, 2023

Thomas Tuchel’s and his men fly to Barnebau Stadium to face Real Madrid, a Spanish giant. Tomorrow’s first-leg semi-finals of the Champions League will be played.

The blues will be playing in these fixtures. Following a hard-fought win over West Ham United, the Hammers are looking to build on their recent success.

Ahead of a fight that was widely anticipated to be challenging. Chelsea will face off against Eden Hazard, a former Chelsea player. Who was it two years ago that jumped ship to Madrid? Owing to injuries at the club, he has not been released in accordance with fans’ or everyone’s wishes.
Former bosses are now paying him a more demanding visit in his backyard. The blues, on the other hand, have not participated in the race. For as long as 2012, it has been in the semi-final stages.
Mateo Kocavic, who suffered a hamstring injury, is Tuchel’s only injured player. He had lost a number of games, the most recent of which was not very memorable. Tuchel has brought all of his teammates along with him except for him. A total of 24 people make up the team that will travel to Spain.
This season, Chelsea would be desperate to retain the Champions League trophy. In light of the fact that the top four expectations are far from reality. The foxes, as well as the Hammers, have been told. They did, though, defeat West Ham last weekend.

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