UCL Quarter Final Draw: Thomas Tuchel speaks on the only team he’s afraid to meet

Although the quarter final draw of the UEFA Champions League will take place today but the manager of Chelsea FC has been dreaming of the possibility of meeting his former club.

Thomas Tuchel has been talking tough ahead of the UEFA Champions League draws. It is will surely determine how far Chelsea at the end of the day will go.

The three sides from England will be hoping to avoid playing against eachother at least particular stage. However in draws anything is possible,so, it will now be left to how lucky teams will be going forward.

Base on recent form,alot of teams will be hoping to be drawn with FC Porto who looks like the whopping boys out of the remaining big teams.

Thomas Tuchel when asked about his thought lf Chelsea probably drawing PSG had this to say:

“The draw? I am not sure that I want tocome across PSG because they are strong.”

If this happens,it will a match made in heaven as Thomas Tuchel has a knowledge of the personnel in PSG and the players also understand him and what he brings to the table.

The reality is, whoever Chelsea meet will surely be a world class team. So it boils down to how prepared the team is going forward and what they aim to achieve.

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