Eden Hazard told to return to Chelsea immediately after another injury

Eden Hazard has been told to return back to his home at Chelsea as he continues to suffer from one injury to another playing for Real Madrid.

When it going very tough in someone’s live, it is more comfortable you return to your comfort zone.

Eden Hazard is one of the finest footballer of this generation. He lead Chelsea for seven good seasons and his talent was visible all through. When he left for Madrid, hopes were very high that he was about to replace Ronaldo. But the reverse is now the case. Not that he is not ready, but injury have crippled his ambition.

7 years at Chelsea he missed just 198 days through injury but just In a season and half at Real Madrid he has missed 362 days through injury which is very heart breaking.

So returning to Chelsea to his longest fitness couch and doctors will serve him better. They understand him more than those at Madrid. If not his talent may end up where it stoped at Chelsea .

He aimed to win a lot at Madrid but individual and collective award. The dream that pushed him aware from Chelsea has turned to a night mare. And the best way to rekindle the dream is by returning to his comfort zone.

Leading this crop of players at Chelsea currently will be amazing.

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