OPINION: Why Chelsea should not sack Lampard now

Chelsea’s manager, Frank Lampard has been under pressure from fans of the club as many of them are calling for the sack of the coach.

Chelsea have not been having a good result so far in the English Premier League.

But that could not be said about the team’s performance in the UEFA Champions League as they finished top of their group.

They will however face Atletico Madrid in the round of 16, to determine if they will get to the quarter final of the competition.

Lampard has done fairly good managing the Blues, as some of their signings have not been living up to the expectations.

Another strong point in favour of the manager is that Chelsea have not been having all their full squad to be fully fit. Injury has been one of the challenges of the club and not really about managing ability of the coach.

The Premier League this season has been full of surprises as Arsenal too are having issues winning their matches.

Lampard needs more time at Chelsea and it is fair that he gets all the support he needs to continue his good job.

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